There’s only good press. Here’s a selection with some quotes.

Folk London (December 2023 – Adrian Jones):

“Strong, clear voice”

“Soaring melodies with hooky choruses”

“He’s created earworms”

R’n’R Magazine (November 2023 – Bryony Hegarty):

4 out of 5 Stars

“Upbeat and effervescent”

“Creative nuance through a duality of language and experience delivering tonally interesting resonance and texture”

Fatea Magazine (23. October 2023 – Marc Higgins):

“Wright possesses a fine voice and is a nimble guitarist.”

Folking (5. October 2023 – Mike Wistow):

“Delightfully cheery and positive”

Schall Magazin (October 2023 – Carsten Agthe):

“Colourful kaleidoscope of earwormy song pearls”

“Compatable for all folk festivals”

“Timeless songs”

Guitar Magazin (October 2023 – Marcus Vogel):

3,5 out of 5 stars

“More than beautiful melodies and intimate atmosphere”

“Nearly too beautiful of an album”

Americana UK (29. September 2023 – Paul Kerr):

“Attractively light vocals rising over catchy folk arrangements”

“Wright is quite poetic and alluring”

Göttinger Tageblatt (31. July 2023 – Jörg Linhoff):

“Refreshingly alive”

“Ludwig Wright is a born entertainer and storyteller”

Thüringer Allgemeine Eichsfeld (5. February2020 – Johanna Braun):

“Folk-Rock with a lot of heart”

HNA Witzenhausen (13. January 2020 – Hartmut Neugebauer):

“The best: his versatile voice.”

Thüringer Allgemeine Eichsfeld (16. January 2019 – Johanna Braun):

“In the stage light, you’ll see the entertainer.”

HNA Witzenhausen (22. August 2018 – Henry Valentin):

“Ludwig Wright has a yearning urge is his voice which you cannot withdraw from.”

Soundkartell (5. May 2015 – Niklas Kolell):

“Ludwig presents pearls of songwriting”