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Picture: Daniel Günther.

“Turn of Tides or Where the Waves Come From” is my current and third album. It is a collection of tales with the sea as the setting. The maritime motif meanders like a golden thread through the 13 songs. For me oceans are simply magical and great sources of inspiration. I’m glad I’m now able to express this profound “Sehnsucht” for the sea which I’ve always felt.

I was able to win over the producer Micki Meuser (Ina Deter, Silly, Die Ärzte) for the recording, mixing and mastering. On “Even If The Sky Is Burning” Brea Robertson joins me on vocals.

Turn of Tides or Where the Waves Come From, 4th August 2023

1. Deep Waters
2. Turn of Tides
3. Heaven and Ocean Blue
4. New Hope
5. Travelling Man
6. How You Have Grown
7. Lighthouse
8. How Many Lands & How Many Seas
9. Dream of You
10. Have You Ever Felt Awake Like This
11. Come True
12. Even If the Sky Is Burning
13. Start to Sing


Picture: Johanna Wright.

“Deep Waters” is the second single of my upcoming album “Turn of Tides or Where the Waves Come From”. While in the first part the chords evoke the picture of a rowing boat on a peaceful ocean, the song soon picks up pace. The dynamics echo the welters of waves. Spraying guitar riffs are followed by gentle verses. The current increases and peaks in springtide in the chorus. We hear of golden cliffs, ships sailing out to sea, burning bridges and castles of the past. The lyric in the chorus plays on the idiom ‘still waters run deep’. Here it’s said that deep waters seem wordless but that they always have some fathomless meaning.

This song was produced, mixed and mastered by Micki Meuser who has worked with greats like Ina Deter, Silly and Die Ärzte.

Deep Waters, 23rd June 2023


Picture: Johanna Wright.

“Heaven and Ocean Blue” captures emotionally the longing and “Sehnsucht” for the sea. We hear the description of a man living on the coast, who – after a long and dark past – searches for inner peace. Will he find what he is hoping for?

This song is the first result of the collaboration of Ludwig Wright with the producer Micki Meuser, who has produced acts like Ina Deter, Silly and Die Ärzte. The single is additionally a taste of the upcoming album “Turn of Tides or Where the Waves Come From”.

Heaven and Ocean Blue, 13th April 2023


Picture: Richard Hill.

Music won’t change the world. But music might change thoughts. The thoughts of people who will change the world. “This Time” is meant for 30,000 voices at the next climate strike protest. Driven and rocky the track is both manual and motivation. It paints a picture of a growing and impactful movement fighting the climate crisis.

This is the last of the three songs which were recorded at the Tonstudio Wuhlheide in Berlin. Benjamin Ostarek produced, Onkel played drums and Noodt organ and bass.

This Time, 13th October 2022


Picture: Richard Hill.

Pluck up your courage, let’s hit the road and leave things behind. With the help of a special person in your life you look back on your burdens and your daunting past towards new travel plans and a bright future. The soundtrack for that: “On the Run”.

This song too, was recorded at the Tonstudio Wuhlheide in Berlin. Benjamin Ostarek acted as producer, Onkel on drums and Noodt on organ.

On the Run, 13th July 2022


Picture: Richard Hill.

“My Life with You” is a homage to love, so it’s treading familiar terrain for me. It was recorded at the Tonstudio Wuhlheide in Berlin, featering Benjamin Ostarek as producer, Onkel on drums and Noodt on keys. This song is the first of three singles in 2022 with a lovely video.

My Life with You, 13th April 2022


Artwork of the single "Together" - Music of Ludwig Wright
Pictures: various authors.

“Together” is a song about the pandemic, especially the time in the first lockdown in March 2020. The video is a collaborate effort (as you can see in the artwork), because – I still believe this – we can only pull through this together.

This is my first proper home studio production. Bastian Jünemann added piano and the Browns backing vocals.

Together, 13th July 2021


LOVE - Ludwig Wright
Picture: Andrew Buckingham.

“LOVE” is my second studio album. It’s about break-ups, long distance relationships, family and reciprocated love. Recorded in the Perry Vale Studios in Forrest Hill, London. It’s an acoustic album, just me on vocals, guitar and stomp box.

LOVE, 31st January 2020

1. Still Mine
2. Kissing Love
3. Daffodilla
4. Thousand Miles
5. How many Lands & How many Seas
6. Haven’t I
7. Going Crazy
8. Never let me Fall
9. In your Hearts
10. Every Day I wonder


Ludwig Wright - HOPE
Picture: Ula Fung.

“HOPE” is my first studio album. Poppy and with full band arrangements it’s about motivation, optimism and dreams. Recorded in the Landesmusikakademie Berlin-Brandenburg with Benjamin Ostarek. Onkel on drums, Roland Huschner on keys.

HOPE, 13th April 2018

1. Simplicity
2. Creating Towns
3. Right & Wrong
4. Fantasy
5. Little Things
6. All Apart