Putting Rock 'n' Roll into Folk.

Putting Rock 'n' Roll into Folk.


Hey there, I’m Ludwig Wright. Thank you for joining me here on my website. It’s my little home in the internet, which I use to showcase my music. Have a look around and let me know if I somehow can be of help.


The film “The Blues Brothers” was a part of my childhood. It’s about two brothers, who want to put on a huge show to save the orphanage in which they grew up in. For this purpose, they bring their former band back together. The performances, the songs, the energy – I soaked it all up while watching and I knew: I wanted to be a musician.

In August 2018 I moved to London to solely pursue music. Besides playing concerts in folk clubs around town I regularly toured Germany. That came to a sudden stop in 2020 and I concentrated on songwriting. I moved to Berlin recently to get back on stage and to do what I do best: Putting Rock ’n’ Roll into Folk.

Up to now I have independently released two studio-albums. “HOPE” (2018) is about motivation, optimism and dreams. The songs on “LOVE” (2020) recount break-ups, long distance relationships and reciprocated love. In July 2021 I released “Together”, which is about collectively overcoming a challenge. The accompanying video is a collaborative effort by friends, fans and family.

In April 2022 I trod familiar terrain with the release of “my life with you”, a homely homage to love. Most recently my new single “On the Run” came out. It’s the soundtrack to plucking up your courage, hitting the road and leaving things behind. Another single release is due in October and I showcase my music regularly at concerts.

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