Hey there, thanks for coming over.

I’ve been working on Together for a while now. Other instruments for a full arangement have been added and I have been filming people for the video.

But… I still need your help.

Firstly, a video of you singing the chorus of my new song “Together” (I will not use the audio – the sound of your video is just for editing the video). Secondly, a portrait of you. Below you can see my examples of the video and the photograph.

I can’t wait for you to be part of this.


Hereby I allow you, Ludwig Wright, all rights to my video and picture.

The upload might turn out to be a little time-consuming – if it shouldn’t work, please send me your video and picture in another way. For example via WeTransfer – my email address is

The clip should be a close up of your face, don’t hesitate to look into the camera. It’s very important that the video is filmed horizontally (landscape). That’s for the end of the song when everybody sings together (that’s the chorus from 1:39 min, where the harmonies begin – your video should be 40 seconds long). The lyrics are quite simple, a repetition of the syllable “dae”. The video shows my take (you do not have to grin that frantically 🙂 ).

Below you’ll find my portrait for the artwork.

All the pictures for the artwork will be square (don’t worry I’ll take care of that). They’ll be fitted together in one big collage.

Here you can listen to the current version of the full arrangement:

Here you can download the MP3 of the acoustic version of “Together”.