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HOPE, 2018
1. Simplicity
2. Creating Towns
3. Right & Wrong
4. Fantasy
5. Little Things
6. All Apart

This is my first studio album. Recorded in the Landesmusikakademie Berlin-Brandenburg with Benjamin Ostarek. Onkel on drums, Roland Huschner on keys.

LOVE, 2020
1. Still Mine
2. Kissing Love
3. Daffodilla
4. Thousand Miles
5. How many Lands & How many Seas
6. Haven’t I
7. Going Crazy
8. Never let me Fall
9. In your Hearts
10. Every Day I wonder

This is my second studio album. Recorded in the the Perry Vale Studios in Forrest Hill, London. It’s an acoustic album, just me on vocals, guitar and stomp box.